RP-X Semi-Automatic Configurable Palletizing Cells

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RP-X semi-automatic robotic palletizing cells are available in a wide range of footprint friendly configurations.

Our configure-on-demand design concept combined with a wide range of options make it easy to create a palletizing cell that perfectly aligns with your requirements and fits in your line layout. And best of all, no costly customized engineering is required.

RP-X semi-automatic palletizing cells can be easily accessed by operators using hand jacks or fork lifts.

RP-X palletizing cells are designed for dependable performance and ease of use. They are available with either ABB or FANUC robots and our Drag & Drop pallet building user interface eliminates the need for skilled programmers.

We invite you to call us about your palletizing application so you can see the true value of our RP-X configure on demand systems.

Features & Benefits
  • Configure-on-Demand FlexibilityPalletizing cells are designed at the time of order to precisely fit customer requirements which means buying what you need, nothing more, nothing less
  • Wide Range of Supported ApplicationsIdeal for cases, cartons, shrink wrapped trays, bags and pails
  • Drag & Drop Pallet Pattern Recipe CreationIntuitive, easy to learn system uses visual Drag & Drop interface which eliminates the need for skilled programmers
  • Two SKU Pallet Pattern Recipes IncludedCustomer can easily create additional pallet pattern recipes using Drag & Drop Recipe Creator
  • Multiple End-Of-Arm-Tools (EOAT)Vacuum cups, vacuum pads, & mechanical gripping tools accommodate a wide range of product types and rates
  • Footprint FlexibilityThe RP-X configure on demand design approach provides the flexibility needed to create cell layouts that save space and fit into tight spaces