About Us

Statera, part of ProMach's Systems & Integration business line, is a home grown ProMach brand that offers turnkey conveyor systems along with a complete line of product, case and pallet conveyor. Statera also designs and manufactures robotic palletizers and case packers.

The business and related product lines started over ten years ago as part of ZARPAC.

As part of ZARPAC, these product lines flourished and grew steadily into a significant part of ZARPAC's business.

After joining ProMach in 2016, ZARPAC's world class conveyor manufacturing capabilities quickly established them as a preferred machine conveyor supplier for a large number of ProMach brands.

In late 2017 ZARPAC with ProMach's support began building a team of conveyor technology experts with deep experience in turnkey beverage conveyor systems. In early 2018 ProMach opened an office in Greenville, SC and began building an experienced team of engineers, designers and project managers solely focused on turnkey conveyor systems.

In 2020 Statera became a branded business within ProMach offering single source turn key conveyor lines, product, case and pallet conveyor, and robotic palletizers and robotic case packers.

For more information, please email us at statera@promachbuilt.com.

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