Single Source OEE Optimized Turnkey Conveyor Lines

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Statera designs, manufactures, integrates and installs OEE optimized turnkey conveyor systems for complete and partial packaging lines. We offer a full range of product, case and pallet conveyor technologies and we specialize in end-to-end projects requiring single source accountability to ensure successful customer outcomes.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of packaged goods industries including ready-to-drink beverages, bottled waters, foods, automotive fluids, personal care products and home care products.

All Statera conveyor systems are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed customer requirements and we have extensive experience with challenging applications including dry, wet, refrigerated, frozen, dusty and aggressive product environments.

Our conveyor technologies accommodate both rigid and flexible primary packages including bottles, cans, jars, jugs, tubs, bowls, pouches, bags and pails. We also offer puck container handling systems for primary packages that require them.

If you have a rigid or flexible primary package, we can design, manufacture, integrate and install a conveyor system for it.

Once products are securely in their primary packages, we then convey them so they can be aggregated and placed into secondary packaging that includes corrugate boxes, cartons, trays, trays with shrink, bags, shrink bundles or crates.

If you have secondary packaging, we can design, manufacture, integrate and install a conveyor system for it.

And last but not least, filled secondary packages are then aggregated on pallets, stretch-wrapped and then conveyed into the warehouse from where they ultimately find their way into a truck, rail car or shipping container. If your lines produced palletized products, we can design, manufacture, integrate and install a conveyor system for it.

And what if you need all three for an end-to-end conveying solution? We can help.

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Why A Turnkey Solution With Single-source Accountability?
  • Reduces Risk Of Investing In A Line That Cannot Meet Required Performance SpecificationsStatera is 100% accountable for designing, manufacturing, integrating and commissioning conveyor systems that meet or exceed all production requirements including line speeds, operating efficiencies and start-up support
  • Guaranteed System Performance at Hand-offStatera conveyor projects are never closed until the system has passed all accepting testing protocols and is running at required OEE and production speeds
  • Simplifies Project Management & Execution For CustomersOne project manager, one supplier, no finger pointing
  • Assures Timely Project ExecutionStatera owns every phase of the project which means on-time and on-budget
  • Reduces Cost Overruns Caused By Scope CreepStatera works with customers to control and closely manage scope creep, the #1 cause of costly budget busting adders

Preventing Problems Is Far Less Costly That Fixing Them

Validated, experience-based conveyor and packaging line design tools set Statera apart from other companies offering conveyor and line design, integration and controls programming services.

These tools guarantee that our turnkey solutions do not experience the inefficiencies and downtime that other vendors unintentionally design into their conveyor systems.

OEE optimized conveyor and packaging line design is a science, not an art, and our proprietary formula-based tools deliver accurate, consistent and on-target results.

Our design tools precisely calculate proper machine placement, proper quantities and types of conveyor transfers between machine centers, optimum machine speeds, optimum infeed and discharge conveyor speeds, and optimum accumulation capacities.

Our proprietary tools replace the guess work, the opinions and the conventional wisdom used by other suppliers with validated formula-based tools that convert production line requirement inputs into practical design criteria.

Experience has taught us and our repeat customers that numbers, when used correctly, never lie.

Here is a short summary of the design tools used by our engineers and project managers, and how they help the design process.

Packaging Line OEE Optimization Model

Quantitative tool whose outputs ensure that a specific line design and layout does not negatively impact OEE. Goal is machine downtime is only source of negative OEE impacts.

Optimized Conveyor & Machine Speed Calculator

Quantitative tool whose outputs specify the optimum operating and surge speeds for each machine in the production line. This tool helps define appropriate machine models and target steady-state speeds for each machine in the line.

Optimized Accumulation Sizing Calculator

Quantitative tool whose outputs specify the optimum type, location and sizing for accumulation in the production line.

Conveyor Motor & Gear Box Sizing Calculator

Quantitative tool that selects optimum conveyor motor and gear box sizes.

Conveyor Chain Pull Calculator

Quantitative tool whose outputs drive selection of optimal chain types and optimal distances of chain pulls.

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Expert Line Control System Design & Programming Is Essential

Conveyor line control system design and programming are one of many keys to achieving optimized packaging line performance. Our line controls experts and programmers have extensive experience in a wide range of industries and with a wide range product types.

  • Statera line design engineers and controls programming teams work hand-in-hand through every phase of a project to deliver high-performance integrated conveyor systems. The goal is always the same: consistent, dependable, steady-state production.
  • Extensive industry experience with a wide range of challenging projects has taught us that optimized line performance can be guaranteed by coordinated design teams keeping line layout and line programming considerations top-of-mind throughout the project.
  • Dozens of factors must be evaluated during this process. Primary and secondary package types, shapes, sizes, and rigidity as well as target production and surge speeds must all be all must be part of the design process because of their impact on machine speeds, machine placement and required accumulation technologies.
  • Other vendors commonly design a line, and then task their controls teams to work-out the bugs with programming and controls. That is an expensive and painful process for customers. Designing a line, and then figuring out to make it run efficiently through programming is just a bad idea.
  • The Statera approach focuses on delivering optimized total line performance through line control programming that integrates and synchronizes conveyor controls, conveyor speeds and individual machine controls. Designing conveyor control systems and programming the entire conveyor system to work seamlessly with the machines in the line is as essential to line performance as the machines themselves.

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