Ready To Drink Industry

Custom conveyor beverage single filer line systems for ready-to-drink glass, plastic, aluminum bottles, cans, and jugs.

Iced Coffees & Other Retorted Products
Iced Coffees & Other Retorted Products

Statera’s highly experienced team of designers, engineers, controls programmers and project managers have successfully designed and integrated conveyor systems for over four-hundred (400) complete or partial Ready-To-Drink beverage production lines.

Our beverage experience includes glass bottle, PET, HDPE and aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, gable top cartons, aseptic cartons, and plastic jugs. These primary containers have required almost every imaginable type of secondary packaging including cartons, sleeves, shrink bundles, ring carriers, club store packs, shells, shrink trays, and corrugate cases.

Ready-To-Drink Beverage conveyor single filer lines we have designed, installed, integrated and commissioned include:

  • Iced Coffees
  • Iced Teas
  • Nutritional Beverages
Aluminum Bottles
Aluminum Bottles
  • Fluid Dairy
  • Yogurt Drinks
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Enhanced Waters
  • Bottled Water
  • Sports Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Juices
  • Not-From-Concentrate Juices
  • Juice Drinks
PET Bottles For Carbonated & Still Beverages
PET Bottles For Carbonated & Still Beverages

Here’s a quick overview of our beverage filling line experience:

  • Container sizes from 2 oz. to 2L
  • Straight wall, contoured, cylindrical, oval, square, rectangular, and tapered primary package shapes
  • Petaloid and champagne bases
  • Line speeds from 10 cpm to 2,400 cpm
  • Inline and rotary fillers
  • Ambient fill, hot fill, cold fill, ESL fill and aseptic fill
  • Still and carbonated products
  • Shelf-stable and cold chain products
  • Retort processed products

Statera's turnkey systems for RTD beverage lines include a full range of conveyer types and styles including product, case and pallet conveyor. Our design team also excels at developing custom conveyor sections to address specific customer requirements.

Examples of custom beverage conveyor sections we have designed and manufactured include:

Aluminum Cans - All Formats & Sizes
Aluminum Cans - All Formats & Sizes
  • Automatic diverting systems
  • Automatic laning systems
  • Lane guided conveyor
  • Product rotating, turning and orienting systems
  • Container inverting systems
  • Alpines, spirals & elevators
  • Bridge conveyor
  • Pressureless and pressured combiners
  • Multi-direction 90⁰ transfers

Key specifications for Statera’s beverage conveyor include:

  • Washdown rated design and construction
  • 304 Stainless steel frames and legs; 316 stainless optional
  • 11-gauge side frames
  • 8” side frames
  • Rexnord & Intralox conveyor chain
  • IP 65 gearmotors
  • Polymer flange shaft bearings
  • Roller chain returns

Our conveyor customers range from global Fortune 50 retail packaged goods manufacturer to single location family-owned businesses to other ProMach brands.

For more information about Statera's RTD Beverage conveyor experience and capabilities, please e-mail us at