Statera RTD Beverage Canning Line Turnkey Conveyor System

The Statera RTD beverage filling line featured in this video was designed and integrated to provide maximum co-packing flexibility at speeds up to 500 cpm. The line includes two fillers, one a monobloc filler-seamer for aluminum cans and the other a monobloc rinser-filler-capper for aluminum bottles. Both fillers accommodate still and carbonated beverages.

The can filler is configured to run 8.4 oz. Slim cans, 8.4 oz. Slim + Widget cans, 12 oz. Sleek cans and 12 oz. Sleek + Widget cans. The aluminum bottle filler is configured to run 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

The filling line also includes a retort processing system for products that require pasteurization or sterilization. Products that do not require retort processing simply bypass this segment of the production line.

This video highlights the line running a retorted carbonated beverage in 8.4 oz. aluminum cans at 350 cpm.