RP-Y Robotic Pouch Case Packing Systems

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Statera’s RP-Y robotic case packers were originally designed and manufactured for a laundry product application by ZARPAC’s custom equipment design build group. The application required a single machine that offered the versatility to load pouches from 200mL to 2L in either vertical or horizontal orientations.

The initial models went into production in 2014 and they were so successful that the customer standardized on them for stand-up pouch filling lines around the world.

Based on interest from other manufacturers, Statera is designing, building and supporting RP-Y robotic pouch case packers for customers requiring versatile pouch case packing capabilities.

RP-Y robotic pouch case packers employ an innovative design that integrates a robot with a mechanical pouch collating and loading system to achieve unmatched flexibility.

Servo controlled conveyor flights automatically align, space and group pouches into recipe specified layer configurations and locate them in precise position for smooth picking by the robot.

When pouches require vertical in-case orientation, a collating tray system is loaded by the robot and when the tray loading process has been completed, the collating system gently secures the pouches, rotates and releases the pouches into each case.

When pouches require horizontal in-case orientation, the collator automatically retracts and the pouches are loaded directly into cases by the robot.

RP-Y robotic case packers are ideal for production lines that require both vertical and horizontal pouch loading capabilities as well as the ability to handle both dry and liquid products on the same machine. They are also capable of handling and loading pouches with or without fitments.

RP-Y pouch case packers are capable of handling multiple pouch styles including:

  • True Doy-style stand-up pouches
  • Modified Doy-style stand-up pouches
  • Pillow pouches
  • 3-Sided seal pouches with or without tuck
  • 3 & 4 sided flat pouches
  • Bag-in-Bag pouches

RP-Y systems are available in single cell or dual cell configurations. Dual cell models offer increased throughput and independent operation which supports non-stop operations. Single cell systems offer speeds up to 100 pouches per minute and dual cell systems offer speeds up to 200 pouches per minute, depending on pouch size and case pack configurations.

RP-Y pouch case packers also feature a space efficient design in which two full sets of change parts can be stored within the frame and footprint of the machine. No separate change part carts required!

Features & Benefits
  • Vertical and horizontal pouch loadingSupports multiple case pack configurations that require loading in either orientation; reduces capital investment and increases line flexibility
  • Six axis robotProvides a wide range-of-motion and precise adjustment capabilities to accommodate a variety of product configurations
  • Pouch sizes from 200mL to 2LProvides versatility to run a wide range of pouch sizes which helps maximize line utilization
  • Liquid & dry product handlingSystem design accommodates pouches filled with either liquid or dry products
  • Accommodates stand-up and horizontal pouches, with and without fitmentsFull compatibility with true and modified Doy-style pouches, pillow pouches, 3-sided seal pouches (with or without tucks), 3 & 4 sided flat pouches and bag-in-bag pouches provides unmatched production flexibility
  • Narrow edge and wide edge case loading & feedingSupports multiple case sizes, styles and types
  • Toolless changeoversFast and simple; two to five minutes per cell depending on pouch sizes, pouch types and case configurations
  • Vision systemAssures pouches are in correct position to enable smooth handling and loading
  • Pouch detect-reject systemsIdentifies out of specification pouches and automatically rejects them onto an integrated reject conveyor