Robotic Pick & Place Pouch Packing Systems - RP-Z | Pick and Place Case Packers

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Statera’s RP-Z robotic pick + place pouch case packers were originally designed and manufactured for a dried fruit product application by ZARPAC’s custom equipment design build group. The case packing application required a single machine that offered the versatility to load pouches from 200g to 1kg in either vertical or horizontal orientations.

The initial models were very successful and Statera is designing, building and supporting RP-Z robotic pouch case packers for customers requiring versatile pouch case packing capabilities.

RP-Z robotic pick + place case packers feature dual flex-picker robots that work in tandem to load each case. It also features recipe driven, automatic adjustment of the through conveyor that enables it to be tilted up to 15⁰ to facilitate pouch loading

RP-Z robotic case packers are ideal for production lines that require both vertical and horizontal pouch loading capabilities and handling of pouches with and without fitments. The system can accommodate horizontal pouches for both dry and liquid products. It also accommodates stand-up pouches for dry products on the same machine.

RP-Z systems offer speeds up to 40 pouches per minute for vertical loading and up to 60 pouches per minute for horizontal pouch loading, depending on pouch size and case pack configurations.

RP-Z pouch case packers also feature a space efficient, monobloc design that allows the machines to ship without disassembly. This enables fast installation and quick start-ups because the machine arrives in exactly the same condition as it did at the end of the factory acceptance test. It is a true plug-in, train and run system.

Features & Benefits
  • Monobloc frame & constructionRP-Z pouch case packers are built within a single frame that allows the system to ship without any disassembly; monobloc design simplifies installation and start-up
  • Dual flex-picker robotsProvides a wide range-of-motion and precise adjustment capabilities to accommodate a variety of product configurations including even or odd case counts
  • Vertical and horizontal pouch loadingSupports multiple case pack configurations that require loading in either orientation; reduces capital investment and increases line flexibility
  • Pouch sizes from 200g to 1kgProvides versatility to run a wide range of pouch sizes which helps maximize line utilization
  • Stand-up and horizontal pillow pouches, with and without fitmentsProduction flexibility for lines that run a wide range of products or SKUs
  • Automatic, recipe driven conveyor angle adjustmentMachine conveyor can be automatically tilted up to 15⁰ to facilitate pouch loading
  • Narrow edge and wide edge case loading & feedingProvides flexibility to support multiple case sizes, styles and types
  • Toolless changeoversFast and simple; ten minutes or less
  • Vision system standardAssures pouches are in correct position at infeed to enable smooth handling and loading
  • Pouch detect-reject systemIdentifies out of specification pouches and automatically rejects them onto an integrated reject conveyor